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Which bets to avoid when betting on Euro 2020 matches?

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If you plan on placing bets on taruhan piala euro 2020 matches, while nobody can predict what team will win the tournament, there are some bets that are best to avoid.


These bets tend to be those that would be placed on teams not seen to be as strong as others in the tournament and so with a much lower chance of winning the championship.


England — The English team has qualified for the Euro Cup nine times but has yet to have a win.


This is usually due to the English Premier League having huge appeal to football fans, but the team itself never being able to meet expectations. This year’s England team is one of its least talented yet so, bar a miracle, placing bets on the England is something you should probably avoid.


France — While France is currently the defending world champions, they have also drawn a place in what is known as the Group of Death. That means they will be playing against Germany, the tournament’s heavy hitters, and likely to be the winner of that qualifying group.


As France has not been playing particularly well during their last few games, it is likely the most they can hope for is second place and a possible match up with England in the last 16.


No matter how the match goes for the French team, however, they will not be playing one easy game. That alone puts them on the list of bets to probably avoid.


Portugal — The Portuguese team is the current holder of the Euro Cup and one whose country is holding out great hopes for another win.


While the team could be a strong one to bet on in the earlier stages of the tournament, it is unlikely they will be able to pull off a second win overall. That means, if you do plan on betting on Portugal, do so up until the quarter-finals.


If they are still in the tournament at that point, take a close look at their matches in the early half of the tournament and then reassess your strategy. Bar a miracle, however, the Portuguese team is not likely to be a team to bet on during the latter half of the Euro Cup matches.


Bets to avoid in Euro 2020 — Of course, even though football experts attempt to predict how well a team will play, there is no way of knowing that until Euro 2020 kicks off.


That is why these bets to avoid are only recommendations and could change depending on how well each of the teams mentioned eventually plays.


That is why we recommend holding off betting on any of the above teams until later in the tournament when the strength or weakness of each team is more obvious.

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